Tuesday, May 24, 2011

YaY, A Blog Award!

I LOVE hearing back from people who read my blog.  It helps me know that I'm not writing to the empty, darkness of space.
Thank you Kelly for giving me and Bailey this thoughtful blog award!  When I told Bailey that she received another blog award, she lit up and smiled! (the first smile I have seen for a while)

So, in order for me to accept this award, I have to do list 7 random things about me, that you may not know...I will do my best....But I have to say that I was VERY impressed with Kelly's 7 random things...Well Done!


Numero Uno
I still have my collection of Garbage Pail Kids collector cards..  I was OBSESSED with these things, when I was a kid, and have MOST of the series and they are in good condition.  When I look at these cards, I wonder why I liked them so much...But anyone who TRULY knows me, can probably tell you a few reasons why. :)~

I LOVE the new twizzlers that are sweet and sour.  I am addicted to anything sweet and sour, and THESE ARE YUMMY!!!!!!

Ive almost died a few times!  Seriously!  I drowned when I was about 5 and was saved by my cousin, who is a few years old than me.

I love scary movies!  I am also a HUGE Stephan King fan, and could watch his movies all the time!  This LOVE, kinda drives my husband crazy....since he is a more sci-fi kind of guy.

I am deathly afraid of speaking in public...but LOVE to talk to people about Neurofibromatosis!  I recently gave a key note to the Toronto NF group, and I was amazed at how much I loved speaking about NF!

I can GUT, Scale and cook my own fish.  I also LOVE to camp.  The really roughin' it type of camping...No motor home for me!  I love to get dirty

I have met many movie stars, including Michael Landon, Judith Light, Punky Brewster, the entire cast of the tv show CHiPs, Peter Scolori, Kim Fields and many many others!

Again...THANK YOU to Kelly, for this blog award!  You are awesome...and I am proud to know you!

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