Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Flu Shot....Not For Me!

So Friday, while Bailey was at chemo....I was asked if I had gotten Bailey her flu shot.  I saw her flinch at merely the topic of more needles. (poor girl)

We were told how important the flu shot was, to protect Bailey.  "Her immune system is not like everyone else's....and it's vital everyone get one." the nurses in the room told us.

So...I agreed.  Both Bailey and I rolled up our sleeves and got the injection.  I'm not a wimp with needles, but dang it....This one hurt!

I felt fine the rest of the day....but on Saturday.....AND every single day since...I have been sick!  Body aches, head aches, tummy aches...

I get NO sympathy from my hubby, who says..."I told ya so..."  But he has taken up the slack for me, and I appreciate that!  (XOX Honey)

I vow, to never get the flu shot again.  I vow to not let doctors talk me into something, that I am not comfortable doing.

Bailey has been fine, after the shot...I'm so happy about that!  But as for me....I will NEVER get the shot again!


  1. By getting the flu shot you are protecting Bailey because that is potentially one less exposure to the flu.

  2. Very true. Im just thinking I got a bad reaction...I have had 2 flu shots in my life...BOTH have gotten me very sick. I know they are supposed to "help" ... but not in my experience. Bailey is very closely monitored by her drs and did very well with the shot...So, i guess it depends on the person. Wish I could just put her in a bubble for the next 6 months :/

  3. Course, by getting sick after the flu shot, Kris exposed Bailey anyway...

  4. No, you can't give anybody the flu after getting the flu shot. You may not feel well, but you're not infectious. You can be infectious after FluMist, but the shot is a killed vaccine and you can't give it to anyone.

  5. Ya thats what the Doc said...She said that I must've gotten another strain of the flu right after the shot...the shot is respiratory based and wouldnt make me sick like I was. Oh well...cant win for losing I suppose

  6. I get the flu shot every year. I have even occasionally given them as a nurse. This year I got sick. I always get the sniffles..but this year was different. I think it was just a worse reaction to the interferon than I normally get. I know I am not contagious...but man am I worn out feeling. It kind of feels like you described..generally achiness and throw in allergy like symptoms.