Saturday, October 1, 2011

Friends of Jaclyn and the Denver Lacrosse Women's Team!

Today was AWESOME!  Thanks to Friends of Jaclyn (an awesome charity that matches children with pediatric brain tumors with high school or college sport teams) AND the Denver University Women's Lacrosse Team, we had a day that couldn't have been more perfect!

After a LONG drive (thanks to those CRAZY Colorado drivers and an accident on I-25) We finally got to the Denver University campus to meet the team that FOJ matched us up with.  Thank Goodness, a few of the team members were waiting for us, to guide us to where we needed to be!

We headed up to the "tower" where the rest of the team was waiting, as well as a spread of yummy breakfast food!  This is where the girls introduced themselves and got to know Bailey a little.

-Riker and his plate of bacon-
-the girls-

Then the team took us on a tour of the athletics department!  It was so nice!  We got to visit the ice rink, soccer field, pool and gym.  The girls were sooo nice and took a photo with Bailey!  She truly felt like a member of the team!

My kiddos were given Lacrosse gear, and got to play on the field!

We got to "hang out" with the team before the game....We played Wii, and the team gave Bailey a bunch of fun Lacrosse stuff!  It was so much fun hanging with the team...And Bailey said afterwards, how neat it was to be a true part of this team.

They even gave Bailey her very own locker!  
It was lovingly decorated and filled with t-shirts for the entire family!  

Yup...Even my boys had fun!  They met up with the boys Lacrosse team, and were given some "guy stuff"!
Riker says, he is going as a "ZOMBIE Lacrosse Player" for Halloween.

-Playing a little soccer in the locker room-

-Go Denver!-

Our family would like to THANK the Denver Women's Lacrosse Team and Friends of Jaclyn for this wonderful opportunity!  We had the best time, and made memories that will last forever!  You made Bailey feel so special and I know that she has made friends for life!

Your kindness was felt throughout my family and we appreciate the time, love and effort you all spent in making today such a special day for Bailey!

We can't wait till the next game!

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