Monday, December 12, 2011

Reason for the Season?

How would you respond if everything you owned of earthly value were taken away from you?  If you had nothing left but your relationship with God?  Would you give in to the worries of this world?  Or find your strength in Jesus Christ alone?

I know that I talk A LOT about Neurofibromatosis....This IS a blog about NF after all.  But there is much more to me than just NF related stuff....So much more to me than JUST medical stuff...Hard to believe, I know!

I am a lover of Jesus Christ.  I'm not ashamed to admit it...In fact I take great pride in proclaiming this.  But lately - especially over the past year, I have gained a new perspective on my relationship with the Lord.

The reality that things and people that I love and care about could be taken from me at any moment gave me a new realization that I needed to change my ways.

At church the past 2 weeks, I have been teaching the Sunday school kids about Job. (No, not J-O-B...The man named Job, who was a lover and believer in Jesus, and who never wavered in his beliefs, even when everything he cared about was taken from him)

It was interesting, when I asked the children in my class, what as on their Christmas 'wish list'.  The kids had no trouble listing off some really cool things.  "I want a remote control race car!"  "I want a baby doll that can eat real food!"  "I want transformers!"

But when I asked them what they would do if they got everything they wanted, then the next day, it was all taken away...They sat  in silence.

One boy finally said he would cry, another child said they would be mad, then there was this one...he said that he would ask God why He took those things away...

Job knew exactly where he stood with God, which I find amazing.  The story of true faithfulness brings me to  such great humbleness that I find myself feeling ashamed when I look around my house.

The biggest lesson I get from the story of Job, is how selfish I can be...I allow how and what the world thinks of me affect me in real ways.  I get so worried about not having enough, being enough...and that selfishness prevents God from blessing me more.  

The thing I have to remember is that everything is GOD's....Not MINE.  And everything that is in my life, that isn't OF GOD, is worthless.

This Season, and Forever, I celebrate the true reason for rejoicing!

Thrive On!

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  1. Thank you for this blessed reminder! Thank you for reminding me to find my strength in Jesus! What a great example to teach kids about Job, I might have to use it sometime. I'm praying for your family!