Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back to School

We went school supply shopping and I couldn't believe the list of stuff these kids "needed"!  It seemed like we were preparing for the end of the world!

As we loaded up the cart with highlighters, backpacks, pencil sharpeners and colored markers, I couldn't help but fill with so much pride and joy!

All SIX of my children will be headed to school this year, and as much as I say I am excited for the school year to begin, I am also a bit sad when I think about how fast time goes by.

It's been a wonderful Summer...Filled with camps, swimming, sleeping late and those "I'mmmm Boorrreed" days.  

Bailey will be heading back to school with a tumor that has now decided to change shape...What this means for sure, we don't know....But she is also going back to school with the positive attitude, she has carried with here the entire time she has been on chemo.  I'm so very proud of her!

She will also have a new look! 

Braden is officially in High School!  He is excited and nervous about it (weren't we all?)  We have had several meetings with the school, to make sure Braden is in the right classes and that he is comfortable navigating the ENORMOUS hallways! 
He has an MRI in September to check on his optic nerve tumor and also the plexiforms that scatter his spine.  So far, neither have presented a major issue...and we are praying it stays this way!

Riley is 12 going on 25, I swear!  She wants to grow up too fast, and sometimes this takes my breath away! She will be a 6th grader this year and will continue with playing the violin as well as GLEE and Drama.  I cannot believe how fast this girl is growing up!

Rachel, my little bundle of spunkiness will be an AMAZING 4th grader!  Where has the time gone?  She's excited about 4th grade because she says "4th graders get more recesses!"  (Ha!  I would be excited too!)  Rachel will start Occupational Therapy and continue to receive sensory help in school.

Riker is a 2nd grader....And as HE puts it..."I'M SOOO EXCITED!"  Riker has always loved school and has done very well.  He likes reading and math and has tested above grade level in both!  Riker will continue in Karate and will soon move up to a purple belt!  He loves to show off his moves!

Brooklyn will be starting Kindergarten!!!  AMAZING!  I know that I will shed a tear when she actually goes off and my house is quiet....But I am so proud of her!  She is very smart and very ready to be in school!  She is looking forward to ,"meeting new friends and becoming super smart!"

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