Monday, August 20, 2012

What Does It Mean?

We are used to MRI's, blood draws, infusions and unfortunately we have become used to bad news.  Last Friday, Bailey had her 'every 3 month MRI' and yet again we got news that Bailey's tumor is not responding to treatment.

We have been on chemotherapy since March 2011, and have little to report, other than we have TWO tumors inside Bailey's head, that seem insistent to stick around. 

The "nasty tumor" decided to change shapes on us.  Yet again, leaving the doctors telling us "We aren't sure what this means."  Not very comforting is it?

There is no life, without change.  These doctors may tell us that they do not know the reason for the changes in Bailey's tumor...But WE choose to believe the changes are bringing us closer to a deeper understanding of Love, Hope and Faith!

While we are disappointed that we don't have MORE GOOD to report--medically, we still hang on to the LOVE that we have as a family.....The HOPE that everything will work out for the best and the FAITH that God knows exactly what HE is doing, and that in times of doubt and hopelessness -- We continue to draw closer to HIM.

We are okay. There is SO much other GOOD to focus on.  

We had an AWESOME Summer, filled with Rockies games, Nuggets games, the Zoo, LOTS and LOTS of swimming, splash pads, movie dates, BBQ's, and late nights.  We are grateful for a new school year, and the changing season.



  1. Sounds like you had a great summer and ya know, even with the discouraging news about Bailey I bet she'll continue to thrive.

  2. I do not know if this will help but on the Nf section of the I made a post about a drug that help people with NF tumor specifically. search plexikkon on the webpage and you can find a doctor who is reaserching this drug. Someone wrote a link for the exact link on inspire. I will enter a trails for the drug out here in los angeles but the trial is at several locations.

  3. Maybe the tumors are changing because the chemo is really beginning to weaken them and they are getting close to dying and shrinking until they're 100% gone.