Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sleep Study

2013 isn't looking like it will be starting off with "less", like we had hoped.  

I felt so bad for Boo, all hooked up to wires and having to sleep flat on her back.  Not to mention, the nurse who barged her way into the room every half hour.  (Didn't she realize this was called a SLEEP STUDY???)

No actual, restful sleep happened for either of us last night.

But enough sleep for us to be told that Bailey's O2 dropped pretty significantly and she will likely have to be started on oxygen soon.   "SOON" will be tonight.

We hadn't even made it half way home, when my phone rang.  It was Bailey's referring doctor who told us that Bailey has pretty severe apnea...And oxygen and CPAP will be ordered and started immediately.

We became official patients of the Sleep Clinic and will likely have more "sleep studies".

So, we are waiting on the medical supplies to be delivered and for us to be taught how to use them and what to look for, when and IF there are issues.

Our HOPE for 2013 to have less medical issues, seems to have faded already and the New Year hasn't even begun yet.  But like anything...we will take this news one day (night) at a time and THRIVE ANYWAY!

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  1. I did a sleep study age 13 at west la Kaiser and was diagnosed sleep apnea. I hated being still all night and that bloody ekg and eeg machines on my little body. I hope your daughters study goes well.