Sunday, December 23, 2012

'Twas the Night Before the Night Before Christmas

So I took my 8 year old son out shopping today.  I swear every year that I am going to stay away from the stores, unless it is absolutely necessary...But he was begging....with his big blue eyes...."Mommy PLEASE, can we go spend my Birthday money?  I want to spend it on Christmas gifts for everyone!"

My son.  He is so sweet and thoughtful.  

So...we went and braved the local Wal-Mart store.  On the way, he tells me that he has 36 dollars and 53 cents to spend....Then he tried to figure out how much that would be PER person....."A little over 6 dollars per kid Mommy!"  He said with excitement.

So we shopped.



My son is JUST like his father.  Analytic.  Precise.  And wanted to be sure he spend EXACTLY the same on EACH kid...."to be fair".

It took us about 2 hrs to get it just right....And I had the best time watching this little guys brain work.

He was so thoughtful in his choices...."Hello-Kitty for Brooklyn", "Girly, Smelly stuff for Riley and Bailey", "Flash-Lights for Braden..(Cuz his old one broke)", "Hair stuff for Rachel"..."And some dinosaurs for ME".

I loved being in the moment with Riker.  He and I and talked the whole time, without breathing, I think.

We left the VERY BUSY store with our treasures and headed home.  
"I can't wait for Christmas, so the kids can see what I got them!" He said....

Time with my son.  Sooo Precious.


Thrive On!

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  1. For Christmas went up to aunts house near sacramento ca and my grandmas hated my cousin aged 23cooking but I liked my grandmothers. Sorry I got no presents unless you count an ugly Santa Claus statue I gave my mom.