Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thank You Make-a-Wish

What a really cool day we had yesterday!  My 3 kids that visit the Children's Hospital for Neurofibromatosis were invited to the Make-a-Wish Christmas shop!  

It was wonderfully busy with children who have been granted a make-a-wish, or children that are being treated for cancer, tumors or other disorders.  It was both exciting and sad to see how many families are dealing with 'something'.

These families weren't hiding ....They were out enjoying the Holiday.  They were giving their children something to look forward to.  Giving them an opportunity to live and experience!

Each child there, got to decorate a bag, that would soon be filled with presents that they would personally pick out and wrap!

Thank you to Make-a-Wish of Colorado, for hosting such a wonderful program!  My children were delighted to come home and place the gifts under the Christmas tree.


  1. What a fun event. This year Make A Wish Missouri sent us all to The Magic House. So much fun.

  2. hi am a female from africa , am also living with nf1 your blog is helping me alot good to know am not alone.