Wednesday, July 2, 2014

You Know It's Summer Vacation When......

Yeah....It's been over a MONTH since my last post.  I only SORT OF feel bad about that. *smile* Quiet blogs mean the writer is out doing other things....

The last month has been KRAZY busy....The transition from the school year to Summer always has me hoping things will slow down...But I should know by now, that it never happens.


Medically....Things are stable.  Tumors - Vision - Hearing all have stayed relatively quiet for the last year.  I am extremely grateful for this -

Bailey was referred out for some steroid injections for her back.  These has proven to be MAGIC!  While Bailey still has upper back pain....the steroids have pretty much taken care of the lower back pain.

We will continue with physical therapy in hopes to get the upper back muscles stronger.

We have had STABLE MRI results for a YEAR now.  The Acoustic Neuroma and Astrocytoma both have not changed at all....And this moved us into a place where we only have to scan every 6 months now. :)

Braden has also gotten the "all clear" from scans of the new tumor that was detected last Fall.  And as long as his vision stays stable....We will just monitor symptoms as they come! 

Braden got invited - along with Rachel to Round Up River Ranch...A camp here in Colorado that serves children from all over the place.  It was an awesome week of fishing, canoeing, Rock wall climbing and zip lining!  

Speaking of Rachel....Other than therapy for Sensory issues....Rachel has managed to stay away from the hospital. (knock-on-wood)

Riley finished 7th grade with all A's and B's...And has been babysitting like crazy!  The freedom of having her own money is awesome and is teaching her how to save and what to make "important".  

Riker is getting ready to become a brown/green belt in karate...and finished 3rd grade with straight A's!!  He is in all advanced classes and continues to thrive at his new school!!

Brooklyn has had a big Summer so far.  We have called it "The Summer of facing Fears!"  She is now jumping off the diving board, like a pro.....Last year, this was a big deal.  :)

We also said GOOD-BYE to training wheels!  

It's amazing how fast time goes....And how quickly kids grow up!

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