Monday, July 21, 2014


I couldn't sleep.  I was so excited.  My-First-EVER-Summer-Camp-Experience!  I tossed and turned -- Imagining what A WHOLE WEEK AWAY would be like!

I had just moved back in with my dad, after a LONG and nasty custody battle....And this sort of took my mind off what was happening....In reality, I barely thought of my mom after that.  I was 10 years old, and very confused about what was happening.  Maybe, that was the whole reason for sending me....

My husband called this....Going TO SOMETHING....To get AWAY from something....And I thought this was a perfect explanation.

I was getting away from courts, who demanded I be removed from my mother's custody immediately.  I was getting away from those first awkward moments of my dad's new wife...Who, while I was gone at camp, set up my room and bought me some new toys....since everything I had, was left with my mom.

The 'Outside' world didn't exist while I was gone.  I lived a life of MAGIC.  If only for a week.....


Now....It's MY kids' turn.  We have been blessed with a couple different Summer camps....All who accept children facing challenges, medically.  

Braden and Rachel attended camp at Round Up River Ranch....A beautiful place, that rests in Southwestern Colorado.....It's the most beautiful place.  I was lucky enough to have volunteered there a couple years ago.

Zip Lines, Rock walls, canoeing, fishing...and the most comfortable beds I have ever slept in!

This week, Bailey, Braden and Rachel are at a camp through the Children's Tumor Foundation....A camp for kids specifically with Neurofibromatosis.

A whole week jammed full of super awesome activities....A week where there are no doctor appointments, MRI's, blood draws....and....they can meet kids who have the same medical condition they do.

Every kid needs a break.  Every kid needs to experience a world that is outside of their own family.....A break from school, chores and video games.  A chance to LET GO and meet people....A chance to GROW UP and develop skills on their own.

And....Every parent....Also needs to learn to LET GO....and allow their children to experience a place where they are able to develop social skills that create confidence and a stronger sense of who they are.

A place to learn to THRIVE!

Thank you to Round Up River Ranch and Children's Tumor Foundation from the bottom of my heart...For giving my children the chance to experience the MAGIC of Summer Camp!


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