Friday, August 8, 2014

Summer Is Winding Down

I feel like I have been running all Summer...And now, Summer is almost over.  Where did it go!?  The days slipped by so fast....I wish I could reel them back in, and take advantage of the steady-slowness....

We are starting the school year off to a VERY good start!  Bailey had her 6 month MRI and the results were GREAT....So great that our Neurologist told us that he didn't want to see us back for a YEAR!

That's a BIG DEAL..From where we were 2 years ago, with our weekly chemo visits and every-3-month-scans.

We start back physical therapy in September...To help gain strength in Bailey's back....But her scoliosis, kyphosis and degenerative disk disease continue to cause a lot of pain...

At our last pain clinic appnt...I asked about possibly using medical marijuana instead of the crazy amount of narcotics and nerve medications, and we were shot down quickly...I definitely didn't feel like we were talking to a doctor who "got it"....She used the excuse that Bailey was too overweight to begin that kind of treatment....

I was confused....thinking that Bailey takes 5--sometimes 6 different kinds of pain medications, and how THAT could be better then something NATURAL....That has been proven to be beneficial to people living with Neurofibromatosis..... in Colorado....having access to "legal pot"....I'm not sure how far I would go to get it....I can't help but still believe that I'd be doing something "wrong" in trying to use it....I wouldn't want to go against our doctors wishes....But THEY aren't Bailey.  They don't live with what she is living with.

Part of THRIVING is having OUR OWN voice....And fighting for what WE FEEL is best.....And we have learned that not ALL doctors know what is best for us...Even when they believe they do.


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