Monday, August 18, 2014

The Home Stretch

The contest for the Atkins All-Star ends today....It's silly, I found myself refreshing the vote page over and over....Just HOPING that this would be a slam dunk.  That I would have thousands of people voting and I would sail across the finish line--Trophy in hand....

My husband is competing in a contest too.

He....RIGHT NOW is a half a world away, taking part in THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP of PUBLIC SPEAKING....

And...From him I have learned a very valuable lesson. (I listen honey...Even when you think I don't)

Is it THE "TROPHY" that matters?  Or is it the message that is being delivered?

My story has many UPS and DOWNS.  It has kinks and bumps(literally) And I am far FAR from perfect.  But this "voting process"...and the messages and comments I have received from the people voting for me has been so eye opening.

So what if I don't win the ULTIMATE GRAND PRIZE.....!?  Sure donating to CTF would be AWESOME....But I know that I put myself out there...Did the very best I could...And I have shown people that taking back control is possible...EVEN when the odds are stacked against you.

This journey has shown me that my story has touched people....And IF I don't win this contest....I am NOT DONE making my mark on this world!


And Vote! 

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