Thursday, August 14, 2014

More About This "Contest"

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you would do almost anything to get it?

2 1/2 years ago, I was desperate.

My life then was about just surviving day to day.  Weekly chemotherapy treatments for my oldest daughter had me spinning.  Wondering what the next MRI scan would tell us.  While - at the same time, trying to keep some sense of normalcy for the craziness at home.


Comfort food made Bailey and I feel better.  Plus it was EASY to just go through the drive-thru on the way home from the hospital....And not-to-mention, it was "our thing"....A kind of celebration, for making it through another blast of chemo.  As long as Bailey was feeling good...I figured, why not feel good together...?

But - It was one comment made by Bailey that would go on to change everything....

The chemo bag hung over us, like a looming, dark cloud.....

We were both scarfing down the room service Chili-Cheese Fries that were delivered and watching cartoons...When Bailey looked over at me and said....

"Mommy....When I die....I want you with me."

Good grief.  I choked on my mouthful of fries....Almost unable to breathe or move.

How does someone respond to that...?  At THAT moment....I realized that I was facing TWO death sentences in that hospital room.

What was I doing to myself...?  To Bailey?

The plate of fries, that was resting on my ballooned stomach was mocking me.

I doubt that Bailey had any intention of believing I would die before her....Or the cause of that death being from obesity...She was just making a simple statement of wanting her mommy by her side, every step of the way....

But it was THAT MOMENT. THAT DAY.  That I woke up!

That next Sunday happen to be a WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE that our church began... I stepped on the scale....

Fast Forward to today....

Low-Carb/Atkins has changed my life....And brought me 117 pounds lighter!  Waking up - meant I TOOK CONTROL. I TOOK ACTION.  The 'something' I wanted so badly began to happen....It transformed me!

My excuses...Became completely worthless.  

I took on what it truly means to THRIVE....I feel it now....More than I ever have before.

Readers....I am asking a favor....

Atkins has this wonderful contest that I entered....Which means, if I win....My story will be spotlighted - for millions to see!!  I get excited just thinking about it!

What if....Someone - who faced all odds.....Who had EVERY excuse in the book.....Someone who is living with a life-long, progressive disorder SWEPT this contest!?  For ME...It's much more about winning prizes....But a CHANCE to show the world that NO MATTER what a person faces, ANYTHING is possible!

That's where YOU come in....

Please click this link (HERE) PAGE 10 (it changes)
You will NOT be spammed - or asked to sign up for anything.

If I win...I promise to do Neurofibromatosis....And all those who are dealing with this disorder proud!

Please share...and vote daily (Until August 18th)

Thank you SO much!

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