Monday, March 14, 2011

Do You Expect The Best?

When faced with an unknown result, do you expect the worst or the best?

I admit.  I don't always see the bright side of things, despite my Thriving goal. When walking into a new situation, whether its a new doctor, a new church, or a new opportunity, I often expect the worst out of people and situations.  It's just the way I have always been.  If the bar is set low, expectations won't be totally trashed, right?

As a result, I've built a wall around me that people are often unwilling to scale, and that I'm hardpressed to walk out from behind.  It's a wall that has grown thick and high, for years.  But in truth, it really hasn't protected me, or helped me, at all.

When you expect the worst from people or things, they often deliver.  It's almost as if I seek it out.  Why would I do that?!  There is good news, and good people out there if I would just let my guard down and open myself up.

I've spent the last few days very worried about my daughter Riley, who a few years ago was red-flagged for potential juvenile diabetes. This week, she's been showing all the typical signs to watch out for - being continually thirsty, headaches, stomach pain. I've been so focused on a negative outcome, despite the fact that all those symptoms can come from other things. 

I'm going to work hard to change my thinking today, and assume the best instead of the worst. It doesn't seem easy, but it literally takes the same amount of energy, and the result is I feel better about life.

Today we'll head to the doctor and find out more, and I'll keep you updated. Whatever reality pops up, we'll be ready to Thrive. 

 "Prepare for the worst, expect the best"

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  1. I hope for the best but expect the worst!

    But I can always think and hope for the best for my friends!