Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spirit Week?

I love Spirit Week at school.  As a parent I try to make sure the kids dress the part and participate.

"Crazy Hair Day", "Pajama Day", "School Color Day"....It's a lot of fun, as long... as you remembered the right week to dress up.

As if 8th grade wasn't hard enough....I found myself slipping on my blue full-length zip up jammies, that still fit me from 2 yrs before.  These were COOL jammies....that got A LOT of attention at the camp I went to, with my brother.

I was SET to start "SPIRIT WEEK" off with a BANG!

Until of course, I got to school....Looking around seeing NO ONE dressed in pajamas for "Pajama Day", I tried to race after my step-mothers car as it sped away.

I went to the office where a calendar of the activities for the month was posted on the front door.  Pajama Day was NEXT Monday.  "UGghhhhhhhh!"  I wanted to run home....which I COULD have...but it was a LONG walk, and I had forgotten my house key.

I went inside to the front desk of the office and explained my situation, to a woman, who laughed hysterically and told me that there was nothing SHE could do, to help me.  I was stuck in baby blue zipper jammies for the entire day!

Eight grade was horrible for me.  I was a short, chubby awkward girl, who wore glasses and had short "boy" hair.  This alone gave the kids at my school a HUGE target for endless taunting.

I made it through that horrible day, which I could honestly say was the worst day of my life...and the kids made sure I didn't live it down.  For the rest of the year, I was reminded of how stupid I was, and how different I would always be.

For me, being different was horrible.  All I wanted was to be like everyone else.  I wanted to blend in.  But those kids were right....I would always and forever NEVER be like everyone else.  

After my NF diagnoses, this crushing realization brought me into a deep depression.  I couldn't lose enough weight, or put on enough make-up...I WAS different....Now I needed to change what I COULD change, to start making a difference.

Being different...Is something that should be celebrated.  As I look back at my childhood and all those people in my life who told me 'I can't' or 'I shouldn't' and laughed and taunted me....they have built me into a strong, confident woman, who is PROUD to be different!

Thrive On!

Here are a few pics of my kids during Spirit Week!  
I was sure to check the calendar to make sure of the dates! :)

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  1. your Awesome..

    I got made fun of on crazy hair day.. i had about 30 braids in my hair.. man. i remember all those eyes.. needless to say by the end of the day they were all all out (short braids cause of short hair) and what i could pull back into a pony i did..

    BTW.. your not different.. its everybody else who is different. !

    Love you for you kristi!