Friday, July 8, 2011

Roundup River Ranch Camp!

Bailey left for camp this week.  A wonderful camp that is specially designed for kids undergoing chemotherapy or other treatment for life-threatening illnesses.

I was sooo happy to hear that Bailey could go.  She has been going through so much these past few months and this was a nice way to say 'goodbye' to chemo for an entire week!

I miss Bailey.  I wonder is she is feeling good enough to be having fun.  This new chemotherapy seems to be having more severe side affects and all I can hope, is that the distraction of camp is helping her keep her mind off of feeling lousy.

While we were waiting for the buses to arrive, Bailey met up with Phillip who was just finishing up his appointment at the hospital.  Bailey met Phillip at camp last year and they have become really good friends. He took her under his wing, and showed her around camp.

Phillip was the boy who was featured in the Mtv show 'True Life' in 2010.  His story broke my heart, and I felt an immediate connection with him and the struggles he faces.  Meeting him in person was wonderful.  He is a sweet and funny boy, who doesn't seem to mind when people recognize him as the "NF Guy from Mtv".

When Bailey comes back from camp, it's back on the chemotherapy.  I love that she gets a break, and hate that she has to go through this, but I also believe that in every bad situation, carries with it, a seed of good.

We may hate chemotherapy, the side affects, and everything else that Neurofibromatosis carries with it, but if we stop searching for the good seeds....If we focus on all the bad that life is doing to us....Those good seeds, will never have the chance to be planted.

Thrive On!

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