Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Can See Clearly Now...

I remember it like it was yesterday.  I held off telling my parents as long as possible... that I could no longer see the classroom chalk board.

As if 8th grade wasn't hard enough...Now I needed glasses!

I did every possible trick I could to avoid this day; squinting, pulling my eye lids back...But it was unavoidable. I went to the eye doctor and they confirmed that I definitely needed glasses, and were shocked that I had gotten along this well without them.

The moment I put the glasses on, my world changed.  Both for the good and the bad.  I had the weekend to get used to my "new look" and I was determined to make this be a positive change for me...

That Monday, I lasted 2 hours at school.  The glasses that were going to change my life forever, went into my pocket and I left the school in tears.  

It wasn't the mean comments, or even the boy who tripped me, making my glasses fly across the cafeteria that made me so mad.  It was the fact that no matter what I did, no matter how hard I tried, I was ALWAYS going to be different.  I was ALWAYS going to have to deal with people who just couldn't accept me... 

The 13 year old me wanted to disappear forever.  But I knew I couldn't.  The next day at school I was determined to not let the bullies affect me. (as much) :)  I proudly put on my glasses and walked to school...I was amazed that I could see all the details of the trees...I could see the faces of the drivers in their cars as they passed me...And I was excited to be able to copy my work of the chalk board in math class.

As hard as it was to accept that I would always be weird, chubby, bumpy and just different I knew it was my reality....I knew (even back then) that my life would be one where I had to fight for my happiness.  

We all have bullies in our life. Sometimes they're people. Sometimes they're disorders and diseases that won't go away. Sometimes they're emotions, from anger to fear to embarrassment to depression. The bullies will always be there. The question is, are you willing to stand up and fight? Let your voice be heard? Let those bullies know you aren't going to just run away, or worse, just stand there and take it?

Thrive On!


  1. This is so wonderul, I am going to send it to the Local Commissio of the Blind so others can read this. I know they will love it.

  2. I love your posts. They make me feel good. I also love your outlook on life. Many people can learn from you and your courageous look on a very scary and seemingly dark path.
    I admire you!

  3. Love this kristie! Praying for bailey! Thrive on awesome family!!!

  4. I got laser eye in march last year. Dr Mousa in Brea Ca did the surgery as some doctors would not do it due to my one eyed ness. I do not know if I have iris hamartomas which are common in nf one doctor said i did one sqid i did not, do hamartomas cause vision problems? My vision is 20/40 now well enough to drive with no glasses.

  5. I can remember getting my first pair of glasses.... I could see that the building across from my optometrists' office wasn't made out of wood, but tan brick :)