Thursday, January 5, 2012

She's Hideous!

As I dropped kids off at school today, I couldn't help but overhear this mother commenting about her daughters birthmark.  "It's soo's hideous!" the mother said, as she pointed at the quarter-sized brown, slightly raised mark on her little girls cheek. "Just look at it...I'm sooo glad we are getting it removed!"

I just stood there.  Biting my lip.  Maybe I should have said something.  I doubt it would do any good though.

My mind just went to my family and the countless birthmarks we face.  The tumors.  I have never once considered them "ugly" or "Hideous"...And would NEVER point them out, and shame my child, like this woman did.

To me, despite the tumors, the birthmarks, I am a work of God.  I am not a mistake...nor are my children.

I was thinking, as I was listening to this woman go on and on about how her daughter would "Never be taken seriously", with this mark on her face... How she would handle a diagnosis of Neurofibromatosis.

When I came home and told my hubby about this, his reply was awesomely true.  "You handle, what you are given".  To that mother, her child's birthmark was ugly. (Even though I disagree totally with how she handle was HER truth)

I live in MY truth, that MY children are beautiful.  Birth Marks, Tumors, Deafness, Scoliosis...whatever NF brings.  My job isn't to change people, and how they look at themselves....My job is to set an example, with MY TRUTH and hope that it helps people use what they already have, to change themselves.

Thrive On!


  1. You are awesome. I too bite my lip when I hear people talk about hemangeomias and the like being so ugly and stuff.

  2. So sd for that girl to know her momthinks she is hideous. I tell my kid how wondrful and beautiful they are. Marks and all.

  3. bad enough when soicety makes us feel like crap because of our differences, pathetic that a mother would even think/say such a thing of her own child...the mother needs a good wake up call.

  4. I believe it all depends on how each person sees the world. Even before I had noticable bumps from NF, before I even heard the words NF, I never said ugly. I believe that ugly comes from the inside.

  5. I think you are beautifully AMAZING. So grateful for your transparency and desire to thrive. <3