Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Customer Service? Phooey!

I know I know...This is NOT a customer service blog....But with TWO separate things that have happened in the last TWO days...I have to vent!

I have been sitting home for the last 4 hours, waiting for my "service window", to get our washing machine repaired.  I re-arranged my entire day...Including getting someone else to pick up my daughter from Kindergarten.


8am....9am....10am....11am....THEN 12pm passes.  No call.  No repair guy.

I consider myself a fairly patient person....FAIRLY PATIENT.

But nothing and I mean NOTHING irritates me more that people who disrespect my time.  

I call the 1-800 number to see what's up.  And here's what I got:

SEARS- "Ohh I am soo sorry for the inconvenience.  Our computers are down, so the repairman does not have access to his schedule." 

ME- "Seriously?  So he's just sitting around doing nothing?"

SEARS- "He usually has a print out of his next appointment, but since the computers are down, he has no idea who is next."

ME- "That's a pretty lousy system....Do you realize that people re-arrange their entire day, just to be home for the FOUR hour window you give them?"

SEARS- "That's really not our problem ma'am and there is nothing we can do."

ME- "Nothing you can do, for the people whose days got screwed up because of YOUR computers?"


Called back and was told the same thing.... "WE CAN RE-Schedule!"

Ya...So I can spend ANOTHER day, waiting!  I politely asked if the NEXT repair guy could stay and do the 14 loads of laundry I have sitting in my laundry room.

I was told I would get a call back to see if that was possible.  SIGH!

And so yesterday...My hubby and I decided to try the new LARK BURGER, that opened up just down the street from us.  I was pumped...and ready for a delicious hamburger!

The place is cool, and trendy, with a basic menu that doesn't require a #2 pencil or good test taking skills.

We order and find our way to a small table, in the back-

A few re-fills of raspberry diet coke, using their new state-of -the-art soda machine later....and we realize that people who ordered AFTER us were now tossing their garbage and leaving.

"How long ago did we order, hon?"  I ask my hubby.....

A HALF HOUR had gone by......

We flag down someone who was wiping down a table and mention our concern....

"Ohhh We don't even have record of order # 26...."


10 minutes later....We get our order, along with a shallow apology, and 2 girl certificates to come back.

Uhhh...No Thanks.   I know things happen, and people screw up....But GOOD GRIEF, at least act like you care that we waited over 45 minutes for a SO-SO hamburger.

Where oh where has decent customer service gone?

That's my Tuesday vent...It felt good!

Now back to your regularly schedule blog.......................

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  1. From Sears 'that's really not our problem ma'am' Fighting words......fighting words. WWIII would have broken out if I was in the right mood.

    Hopefully it all works out soon and your laundry gets washed and you get a great burger soon.