Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Freedom Service Dogs

Freedom Service Dogs

Soon...We will have a NEW addition to our family!

Last Friday, we had our appointment with Freedom Service Dogs of America and talked about the needs that Bailey has, and how a service dog would help to improve her life.  We met three dogs and instantly fell in love with all of them.

This organization is HIGH CLASS...Let me tell you!  If there was a 4 star doggie shelter...THIS IS IT!

Let me go back to the beginning and tell you what led us to Freedom....

When Bailey was first diagnosed with her brain tumors, we entered into a world that was so foreign to us.  A whirlwind of memories...Chemo...MRI's...Blood Draws....Surgery....For 2 LONG years that was our life.

Now?  We are far from being clear of that world.  The two years of chemo have taken its toll on Bailey and we are just taking a break from it all...Time to mend, and figure out a plan.

While we were at the hospital for our 'every 3 month MRI', we talked to a family who had a dog with them, with a harness from Freedom.  For me, service dogs were for those with severe disabilities, but the dog we met that day, was for a child going through what Bailey is going through.  A "skilled companion" is what the mother called this dog.

She went on to tell me how their dog helps in the family and I was immediately drawn in.  I went home a looked up the website and applied.  Bailey wrote a little bit about how a dog would help her...and I explained more about what Bailey is facing.

We got an email back....And the process began.

The best thing about Freedom...?  These dogs....Are rescue dogs!  This organization finds these amazing animals at shelters all across Denver!  Then...they custom train them, to fit client needs!  

So our appointment last Friday was a meeting to introduce ourselves and learn more about how Freedom works.  They spend 20-25,000 dollars to specially train these dogs....Then, the best part, don't charge their clients anything!  The company runs on donations and fund raising!

The heart and soul of this organization shines so bright!

This weekend, after going through some training...We will have a guest in our home.  'Fergus' was one of the 3 dogs we met on Friday, and has been offered to Bailey, based on how he interacts and fits in with our family.

The process has moved very fast for us...Which is not typically how things work.  Service dogs require intense training...Both on the dog side AND the human side.  We have circumstances that don't really require FULL-SERVICES, so a dog that doesn't need quite as intensive training just happened to arrive.

We are VERY excited to have Fergus in our home, and pray that everything works out.  Freedom Service Dogs has been wonderful during this process and we are happy to have them be a part of our lives!

Thank you so much FREEDOM...For being a part of Bailey's healing.

Thrive On!


  1. How cool! I am excited for your family, especially your daughter. Like you, I was not aware a program existed for people unless they had certain physical disabilities (needs/issues) or sight limitations, i.e. I am super excited programs have expanded to include NF patients and use rescue dogs. How fabulous! I can't wait to hear an update on how things are going! If only Fergus could learn to cook dinner! Ha! Or maybe dial delivery! That already maybe in his skillset, though! Never know! ;) :) Have fun! Woof! --Leslie/The Healing Redhead

  2. My uncle has a seizure alert dog that he has an id from the state about it. I live in an apartment and the apartment magagers must except service dogs by law no matter where you are in the usa. I wish to get a service dog myself not for seizure my high functioning autism. I have moderate NF myself but I doubt a service dog would help NF but could help for people with social skills issues or medical issues. I say go for it get your daughter a service dog. I have heard buy a good bread i.e. retriever or Labrador dog as a very young pup obedience school for abut half a year and then service dog training is the way to go.