Monday, February 18, 2013

Frustrated with Your Doctor?

"Why are you here?"  

I went on to explain the list of reasons why we thought we were in the rehab department of the Children's Hospital.  *Pain...Degenerative Disk Disease...Kyphosis...Pain....Spinal Fractures....Rotated Disks....Pain*

This doctor just sat and looked at me....

You know that look.  That...I-don't-really-get-you-so-I'm-just-going-to-stare-at-you-with-my-mouth-dropped-open-so-I-look-like-a complete-idiot look.

His response was that HE didn't see anything wrong with Bailey's scans.

UH-WHAT!?  Did you even REALLY look at her scans!?  

IF you did, you would see that there is PLENTY "WRONG" with Bailey's back.  

She has been referred to as "The 17 yr old, 70 yr old".

"Well -- I guess we can take a look...."  The Dr. swiveled his chair and rolled close to the computer, and booted up Bailey's most recent MRI scans of her spine.

His eyes got real big and he scratched his wrinkly chin....He lets out a heavy sigh and looks over at Bailey...who is sitting on the exam table with that face that tells me she is really REALLY tired of seeing so many doctors.

The doctor wheels closer to me and asks me what kind of plan did I expect him to come up with.....

(Gee...Isn't that why YOU became a doctor?  So YOU could tell ME what kind of plan could make my daughter better!)  

I seriously should know better than to put my hopes in doctors.  But I did.  I always do...And I am always let down.  

For TWO years, we have ridden this roller coaster of placing hope in doctors....In toxic medicine...with the hopes that Bailey will get better.  She's not better.

For now Bailey won't do rehab...She will try stronger pain meds and figure out some school issues and try to live above the pain she is in.

I left the hospital frustrated.  But Bailey....She left asking if we could get an ice cream cone for the drive home.



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  2. This is why I want to become either a counselor or occupational therapist.