Monday, October 12, 2009

Fighting for what you want

Turn it around Tuesday!

What do you do when you are told "NO"? Do you accept that as the final answer, or do you fight?

When someone you love is sick, you go to the doctors, to get better. You trust that they will have your best interest at heart. But what if you ran into a doctor who basically said, they didn't know how to treat you? They knew you were sick, and understood the pain, but could offer you no solutions.

Years of pain, and hundreds of trips to the doctor, and I get sent away with some kind of "cover up" medication. It does treat the symptoms, but doesn't fix the problem.

I am so tired of being mishandled and pushed onto someone else's plate. Enough is enough. I will fight until someone - somewhere takes me seriously. This is not some game we are playing, where the life, if lost doesn't matter. I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter and a friend. My life so many people, and will fight with my very last breath, if that's what it takes.

Remember being a kid? Being told NO, didn't really mean much. Like my husband said in one of his speeches, being told NO, just meant to ask AGAIN. And AGAIN.

So, I'm turning this around. "NO"...will not be my final answer. I will not be told I can not be helped, or that "There is nothing we can do." I am worth a doctor digging his heels in and finding the answer.

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