Friday, October 30, 2009

Freaky Friday

I thought it would be fun today to get a little silly with all the
medical stuff that I have gone through.

The "ABC's Of Kristi's Medical journey through life"

A- Appendix (removed in 2001)
B- Birth
C- C-section (2007)
D- Depression
E- Ear problems
F- Foot screw placed after break 2008
G- Gall Bladder removed 2000
H- Hydrocephalus
I- Indigestion
J- Junk Food (haha)
K-Kidney Stones
L- Lipoma (brain tumor)
M- Miscarriage
N- Neurofibromatosis
O- Overweight
P- Peripheral Blindness
Q- questions unanswered
R- Ribs cracked 2005
S- Stomach
T- Tensor Tympani
U- Ulser
V- Vaginal Births (Natural)
W- Weight
X- X-rays
Y- yeast infections
Z- Zinc deficiency

Have a HAPPY and SAFE Halloween!

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