Sunday, October 25, 2009

What is a Hero?

Motivational Monday

What makes someone a hero? Must they hold some super power or unmeasurable strength? Do they need a cape and be able to fly?

My life is filled with plenty of real life heroes, from my kids teachers to the doctors who've helped me gain a better understanding of what I have and how to treat it (even those I've had to push a little bit :) ) to the soldiers protecting our freedom (two of my brothers fall into this category) to firefighters, policemen, and all those who have chosen to live a lifestyle geared towards protecting their fellow humans here on planet earth.

My favorite hero, however, is one who has no idea of the impact they make on someone's life. They show strength in the midst of an unknown and scary situation. They show compassion for the weak, and despite adversity, continue to move forward. They have a listening ear and empathetic voice.

Since my diagnosis with Neurofibromatosis, I have met so many families who are also struggling with this disorder. You've found me on this blog, on Twitter, on Facebook, a few of you I've even had the chance to meet in real life! You've given me reason to hope for better treatments, stronger futures for my children, and, sometimes, a reason to write when I just don't feel like writing (that's a good thing).

Your voices, expressing your pain, your struggles, your joys, your victories - they all resound in my ears throughout the day, pushing through the pressures of my headaches, the din of noise my kids often generously provide, and the occasional blanket of anger and depression I pull over my head on the bad days.

Readers, friends, family - YOU are my favorite heroes. And I'll take you over The Incredible Hulk, Superman, and even He-Man, stud that he was, anyday.

With respect, appreciation, and love,



  1. I too have NF1. I was slow at learning in school and I have deveopled the bumps on my arms and face and body. My dad had it and it got passed on to all 3 of his kids. And all 3 of us kids passed it on to our first borns.
    I also deveolped a tumor on my left Jaw which was removed 3 or 4 times. this last time I called and got in to MAYO in Rochester MN. got a wonderful Dr. and we have not had any surgeries but I am in a case study with a new trail med that is working to shrink the bumps and the one on my jaw is almost gone. the study last like 26 or 28 months. I made like 15 trips to Roschester in 8 months. some of which were like 1 week apart then 2 weeks apart then month now it is 3 months. I am to go back in Dec, I am having the blood and UI test done at my perosnal Dr then they fax the info to them.
    Dr is even saying that later we can do surgery on the side that droops down due to the tumor that was growing.
    God has been in control of this whole thing. Had I not listen to a close friend who strongly suggest that I go and has gone with me everytime.

  2. In response to your blog, I actually wrote an essay for my english class on what makes a hero and wrote about my two herros. I will tag you in it. Let me know what you think.