Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I'm excited today! I will get to experience something totally new. I am being recognized for 'THRIVING' with this genetic monster. A reality I wake up to every day of my life....a reality my children will face as well.
When I started this blog, my intentions were simple. I wanted to have a place to go to, to get my thoughts and feelings out, but also to let others know, that there was someone else out there, just like them, who could possibly spin their thinking about having a devastating disorder.
Everyone on this planet, has their own battles to fight, their own crosses to bear---but there is nothing worse, than feeling alone. I went 34 yrs, before I ever accepted this, because I was ashamed, and afraid, feeling like I was a freak...and that I would never be accepted as "normal".

Well, I may never really be accepted as "normal"....The bumps on my body, may to some portray that I AM in fact a freak.....but you know what? I'm okay with that! In fact....I THRIVE with knowing I AM different!

So today, as other people's hands touch my body...applying make-up, and snipping my hair, I will enjoy every second of it! I AM THRIVING....I always will be! Thriving is what makes Kristi.....Kristi!

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