Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Yup...It's Wacky Wednesday!

Well, folks....Surgery was cancelled until tomorrow. Something happened with paper work, and with these kinds of things, every 'T' needs to be crossed.
I'm not that bummed about it.

In my room at 5NW I am enjoying my roommate, Sonia, who also has NF1 AND glomus tumors. We clicked right away and have been hanging out. She makes me laugh--I'm so glad I met her!

I met with a pain specialist today...We talked about my daily headaches and backpain. It was soo nice to be able to have someone who listened and really truly understood what I was saying.

Acupuncture and stress reducing therapy was noted and I will follow up with that.

God Bless


  1. I think that would make so many people feel better. To know that a DR. is listening and believes what you are saying. I feel like my Dr. blows me off about my headaches and other pain issues.

  2. You are lucky! I'm still kinda baffled when you say neurological doctors are actually listening to you out there.