Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Neurofibrobromatosis Awareness Bracelets

I was surpirsed by FedEx today...My bracelets showed up early! I'm excited...they look pretty good! After my issues with this company, I was delighted when they offered to replace the WHOLE batch....and toss in a few kid sized bracelets.

My intentions with the printed bracelets was to get the message to "pop". The engraved ones were great, but I was afraid the message didn't show up enough.

Sadly, the printed ones faded within days, and I was left with many unhappy folks. I apologize for this, and this is why I am offering to replace any of the printed bracelets upon request.

The "new" bracelets have a slightly different look to them, but I really like them!

If you would like to order NF Bracelets, there is a link to the right (please be sure to pay attention if you are ordering internationally.

If you ordered the printed bracelets and you would like a replacement bracelet, please email me directly at kristi.hopkins@gmail.com

I am grateful to 24wristbands for going the extra mile and making a very happy customer.

We now have KIDS SIZED BANDS (limited number) so when ordering, please leave a note through PAY PAL, specifying the size of bracelets you would like!

Thank you for supporting Neurofibromatosis Awareness!!



  1. I was diagnosed at age 2 and i am 31 now and i lost my leg to NF. but i have lived a happy life. i was 4 when i lost my leg to NF. I am finally glad that there are people out there like me. i thought that i was alone. i am glad that i may be able to have someone to talk to about what i have been through. i am willing to talk and listen to anyone that may have any questions for me. hope to hear from u all soon. hugs charity wing

  2. Really? My favorite wristband company is www.WristbandBros.com...I just did an order with them and I love it!