Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What's Up Wednesday

Today we meet with part of the team that will be involved in Bailey's surgery. I was impressed because the insurance has yet to kick in, but the doctors wanted to meet with us anyway...just to get things rolling.

I have the records, and copy of the MRI, so the Dr, can understand what is going on with Bailey.

I will take just Bailey .... It's important that we have this time alone.....We can talk to the Drs, without kids running the walls. :)

I am wondering about my own MRI, that was done just before our move. My Neuro in Spokane is just horrible and I am glad to be done with her. She sits in her million dollar office building and has no clue about Neurofibromatosis and how is affects people.

I am tired of being treated like my pain is not real. My head and brain issues have really bothered me over the last 2 yrs....and this medication does not work. Is it too much to ask, to just have a doctor make me feel better? Isn't it their job?

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