Monday, August 22, 2011

Blogging Through Chaos

This morning, my oldest daughter started High School. I watched as she headed into the GINORMOUS building. She looked so small walking towards the doors. I wanted to get out of the car and run after her. I wanted to bring her back home, where she would be “safe”.

But I let her go....

I headed to the grocery store to pick up milk and caffeine. Two MUCH needed items in my house! My mind was whirling and it was barley 7:30am. The kids at home would soon be awake and hungry...But I found myself taking my time.

This day held busy-ness. With summer still hanging around for 7 kids at home...Chaos loomed, pending my return from the bliss, I found in grocery store, being able to shop alone.

What's it like blogging through chaos? Let me tell you...It's a bit like.....

8:30 am....Ya, kids were sure hungry. 7 kids ate an entire box of those pancakes on a stick. The box says there were 10 where did the other 3 go? I guess Riker and Brooklyn were EXTRA hungry.

Two kids had an assessment test this morning. Seems Riley is reading on an 8th grade level. She's excited...and wondering if THIS teacher will let her bring her Twilight series to school. Rachel's school got things confused and put her BACK in second grade....She wasn't too happy about that. Chaos? Ya I got chaos. :)

Both kids ended up happy with their teachers...and Rachel was put in the 3rd grade, where she belongs.  YAY!

I get back and see 5 kids rolling around on the floor complaining of “dying of boredom.” “That's impossible I tell them.” And I try to get back to my blog post. Chaos?

Lunch was a mixture of whatever the babysitting kids brought, mac-n-cheese and otter pops. And oh, I found the rest of the pancake sausage on-a-stick things...They were under the kitchen table.

Riker decides he wants to catch up on his summer workbook. “This is This...That is That”...He writes his “N's” and “D's” backwards....But reads REALLY well! I'm so proud! Brooklyn drips her otter pop across the kitchen floor...then Carter walks behind her, saying “ footprints!” UGH! CHAOS! :)

I look at the time...I still haven't put make-up on! Did I go to the school like this? Really? I have to go pick Bailey up, and get to the dentist, with Braden and Riley. Thank GOD, this dentist sees our kids 3 at a time! The younger kids went Friday and got their pic taken to be a part of the NO CAVITY CLUB! Woo hoo!

I hit construction on the way to get Bailey...and the car is overheating again.

We show up at the dentist and the lady behind the desk says our appnt is at 3:00pm, “YOU are REALLY early!”, she tells us. Why did I write down 2pm?

What's it like blogging through chaos? Let me get back to you on that one....


  1. Man... oh man.. even tho i only experienced part of the ciaos.. i miss it all! Just count down the days till all the kids are back in school and its just you and Brooklyn and the odd babysitting kid during the day!

  2. "Odd babysitting kid".....You got that right! LOL

  3. Holy smokes, that made my head swirl. At least you were early enough to play with the train table or various other toys the dentist has on hand for the kids. We normally show up only 5 minutes prior to appointment time and the kids don't get enough time to play.