Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm in Control-Right?

One of the most powerful things most people want in their lives, is control.  When we don't have the control, I know for me, the tension and anxiety that comes from that is extreme. Just ask Rich - I can be a terrible backseat driver :)

Who controls NF? 

The doctors? The Pharmacists? The Insurance Companies? They all have some control in how we deal with it, but in the end, NF controls itself. The real question is, does NF control YOU? 

I know all too well how devastating living with a progressive, potentially terminal disorder is on a person, and a family. How frustrating it can be to hear that nothing can be done or that I have to simply endure my pain.  There is nothing more frustrating than the feeling of helplessness.
Not being able to control how bad my NF will get is something I think about every single day.  I often wonder if the tumors will get so bad, that my husband will fall out of love with me....Will my looks determine who stays and who goes?

Medically, NF has taken over - it's all over my Facebook page and the hundreds of e-mails I receive from people desperate to get back some of the control that they have lost.

It's easy to get lost in NF. To lift our hands off the steering wheel of our lives in despair, and let it drive us wherever IT wants to go. But that moment of 'easy' turns into a lifetime of hard feelings, disappointment and depression. 

Having Neurofibromatosis teaches me almost daily that the only true control I have is how I manage and deal with the things that happen in my life, from tumor pain to taking my daughter to chemo to facing myself in the mirror every mornng. 
Keep your hands on the wheel. Hold on tight. The road ahead is full of curves, construction, speedbumps, potholes, falling rocks, animal crossings, and traffic cops. Sounds terrifying, but it's better than letting NF drive you - because it will drive you straight off a cliff.  

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  1. Krissy, great post. The road ahead, always something beyond the next curve.