Monday, August 15, 2011

Update on Chemotherapy

Bailey is officially back on chemo.
Last week, as we were heading to the 7th floor, of The Children's Hospital, Bailey and I prayed that her counts would be high enough to start back up chemo...Bailey stopped the prayer, smiled at me and asked, "Why are we praying for something that makes me feel so bad?  Why don't we just pray for this tumor to go away?"

So we prayed.  

"Dear Jesus--You know exactly what our hearts want.  You know how to dissolve this tumor.  We pray for a complete healing. Amen"

As our elevator rose higher and higher, I began to feel an amazing sense that everything was going to be okay.  The answers will come, as they come.  The treatment, while necessary, is not the thing that will cure my daughter....For I believe in a higher power.

Following Bailey's lead through all of this has been an amazing learning experience.  She has taught me to focus on the good stuff.  She says, "Chemo may make me feel sick...It may make me lose hair, but it CAN'T ever take away what's in my heart!"

Every Wednesday, as we ride the elevator up, to get chemo, we now pray a new prayer.  After all...God tells us to pray bold prayers, right?  Sometimes, it takes following the lead of a child, in order for you to see that some answers, to hard questions, are very very simple.

<A pic taken after 2 doses of chemo.  Bailey has lost a considerable amount of hair>

Bailey is now looking forward to High School!  The other day, we took a tour of the school, and walked through her schedule.  I can't believe my "baby" is heading off to high school...She seems so grown up! 

Bailey never questions Thriving with Neurofibromatosis...She just does it.  Does she have bad days?  Sure she does, but she isn't focused on them. :)

Are YOU Thriving Today?


  1. Amazing precious story! Bailey, you and your mom keep on going, you are an inspiration to many! Jesus keep your hand of protection and healing on Bailey, Amen!

  2. God, please bring complete healing to Bailey! Thank you for this beautiful child who shows so many of us how to thrive in whatever circumstances. Praise God for Bailey!

  3. Lots of prayers for Bailey. God has the power to take away the tumor.

  4. I know that the high school teachers will love Bailey as much as we did at middle school. My prayers continue to be with her...

    Ms Marinac