Thursday, June 14, 2012

Camp WapiYapi

Wapiyapi is a Colorado based nonprofit organization that offers a community of hope and support to families affected by childhood cancer. Wapiyapi hosts free summer camps and year-round family retreats to provide a respite for children with cancer and their families. 

Yes...We "qualified" for a "cancer camp".....This made me both excited and uncomfortable as the kids prepared for their week long stay in Estes Park, Colorado.  But when we got there...I saw anything but a "Cancer Camp."  

I saw happiness, joy, hope,  and acceptance, all wrapped up in a wonderful place called WapiYapi. 

Riley and Lauren (camper companion)

I was good and did not contact the kids at all, while they were gone...And when I picked them up, the two could not stop talking about the endless fun they had that week.

Riley was in tears...When she reminisced about the last 5 days....
"I had sooo much fun...I never wanted to leave!"

 This chipmunk climbed up onto Bailey's lap...Just for a snack!  Brave lil thing!

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