Monday, June 4, 2012

Let the Summer Begin!

Summer is off to a GREAT start!  Yesterday Rich and I drove a couple hours north to drop Bailey and Riley off at camp...The whole way there, the girls told us how excited they were to be going to camp.

I am excited too!

When we got to the camp grounds, I immediately thought of MY first time at camp.  The layout of the cabins was very similar to that of Camp Rainbow...and I began wishing I could just stay with my girls and relive some of my memories.

Like Camp Rainbow, Camp Wapi Yapi is for kids going through cancer treatment....and their siblings.  Just the fact that Bailey qualified for this camp made my stomach turn.  But, as a family we chose not to focus on WHY Bailey was going...And simply chose to focus on the fun she was going to have while she was there!

The girls said their goodbye's ...Pushing me to "GO ALREADY!" and hinted for me to stop embarrassing them with my sappy hugs and kisses. :)

We were a few minutes away from a famous building that I have soooo wanted to see, since we moved to Colorado, so Rich full filled a 'bucket list' item and drove me to the Stanley Hotel.  The hotel that was featured in the Stephen King movie 'The Shining'.

I learned that this was where Stephen King got the idea for the book...And also learned that the movie wasn't filmed exclusively there....A different hotel was used for the inside shooting of the movie...But it was still way cool to visit this place!

So with Bailey and Riley gone to camp, this gives ALL OF US a break from the worry of chemo, MRI's and the dread of waiting for the next round possible bad news.  A time where fear takes a backseat...And Swimming, slip and slides, and popsicles drive us to a place of happiness.

The worry is there...and whirls around me all the time....But summertime is here and allows for a break in the worry, as I watch the smiles on my children's faces.

Thrive On!


  1. Hey, Maybe you remmember me or not....I am Nia from México, I also have NFM, today I will start one of the most important treatments of my life, and i feel kind of scared. The last 5 months have been so heavy for me, always in pain and feel so useless, i hope this tumors may reduce size.
    Well just wanted to share that, sometimes one feels so alone...