Thursday, June 21, 2012


"Close your eyes...Hold VERY still, and dream a fantastic dream!" 

This has been the LONGEST week in history, I am SURE of it!  When we got the Rachel news, that her eye site had changed "dramatically" since her last visit...It was like we were holding our breath, waiting for the next step.

I KNEW an MRI was going to be ordered (a VERY normal thing when you live with Neurofibromatosis) But the waiting and waiting and WAITING had cut my fuse VERY short.  All the "i's" must be dotted, all the "t's" must be crossed. (of course, I get it)

Thursday couldn't get here soon enough....I just wanted the MRI to be over with, results to come in and for us to do SOMETHING.

Rachel was SOOOOO excited for her MRI.  Alone time with mommy, a special treat after...and in HER words, an opportunity to be like Alice in Wonderland! ( I told Rachel she was like Alice, when she did her very first unsedated MRI...and it stuck )

I've learned a LOT from my kids, when it comes to living in the NOW....They have taught me to focus on the good, and worry about the bad, when or if it comes.

The MRI results MAY show nothing....or they MAY show something...What I focused on today, was that my little girl wasn't worried at all....And I took HER lead!

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. 
Each day has enough trouble of its own.
Matthew 6:34



  1. Kristi,

    Sara had her MRI on yesterday too! Was Rachel's at TCH? If so, too bad we missed you. Would have been nice to have some company during that long wait in the waiting room.

    I hope you get good results from the MRI. How long do you think until you'll know?


    1. Hey Julie...We were at the North campus for the MRI, then met with the DR on Fri. MRI results are given fairly quickly (which I am thankful for)

      Howd Sara's MRI go? Do you have results?