Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kristi Can't Handle the Tooth.

Hi, this is Rich - Kristi's husband. I have pirated Thriving with NF today because Kristi is in pain, needs help, but frankly, doesn't want to ask.
In late 2010, she had a root canal started, which ran up a bill of $800 that, with the issues that came up with Bailey just weeks afterwards, we were never able to pay. She has been living in pain with a temporary filling since that time. Now that filling has fallen out, leaving her in excruciating pain, without any way to pay for the rest of the dental work.

Her dentist won't finish the work until we pay the $800 in collections, and come up with an additional $800 - won't even accept payments at this point. Even with occasional bracelet and book sales, we rarely make our budget each month (and I understand it's a struggle for most of Kristi's readers as well -
we're not whining, just stating the facts for those that think Kristi gets wealthy off these products). Coming up with $1600 isn't an easy thing to do in this world of SSI, medical issues, and overall economy, as most of you know. A few dollars from a few friends is the only solution I've been able to come up with to solve this problem before Kristi's pain becomes completely unbearable, and potentially turns into an infection, leading to even more drastic medical issues. 

My hope is to raise $1600
this week to get Kristi out of pain as soon as the first week of July. That's 160 people giving $10 to her cause. In return, Kristi is preparing to record her book, Thriving with Neurofibromatosis as an audiobook (no fancy studios, just her, her computer microphone, and me editing on my computer), and I'm going to offer everyone who donates at least $5 a free copy of the audiobook when it is complete, no later than August 31st. 

Kristi feels like crap right now
- she knows I'm doing this, and she feels awful about asking you to help her. So do I, frankly, but I feel worse about watching her in pain, knowing I simply can't come up with the money right now with the tenuous medical situation Bailey (not to mention Rachel and Braden) are in, so I'm sucking it up and humbly asking anyway.

Kristi is still Thriving in heart, but Thriving doesn't always mean life is perfect, or that the bank account is full.

Will you help?
Hit the donate button below:
and help Kristi get this taken care of once and for all. We're capping donations at $1600 - and I'll keep people up-to-date, and make sure we get pics of her at the dentist when this is all said and done.

Thank you for whatever help you can give - if not in dollars, in positive thoughts and prayer - Kris needs it all at the moment - and knows you do as well.
Keep Thriving.



  1. I am so, so sorry for Kristi's pain. The medical world (including dentistry) really sucks. We shouldn't have to be in pain because we can't pay. Again, I am sorry.

    Unfortunately I can't donate at this time. My husband's medication is costing us $900 per month right now, and I'm wondering how we are going to make it until my first full-time pay check from my new teaching job. I truly understand and feel for your position.

    Please accept my positive thoughts heading your way. I know it's not much, but it's the best we can do right now. I hope you are able to raise the money quickly to get Kristi out of pain!

  2. I'm sorry I can't give anything I'm living with a mouth that needs my teeth worked on and no dentist will take a payment plan. I know how she feels. I'm sorry prayers and God Bless Kristi JoAnne

  3. I am so sorry,I would donate but I need to find a dentist too.None will pull mine cause I have a tumor in roof of mouth and my front 2 teeth grew together (Thanks to NF) 1 dentist said all mine need pulled but no dentist will pull them.
    I pop tylenol for some pain