Friday, March 19, 2010

Freaky Friday

Six Kids, No Water, and Men vs Women

I'd like to think I've grown up in the last 15 yrs, in the way of being able to speak up for myself. Sure I struggle every now and then, but for the most part, I don't let people smash me or my dreams.

Freaky Friday is PERFECT for what's been happening over the last few days....First, most of you know, that in a couple days, our "Krazy Bunch" is headed on a Make-a-Wish vacation to Walt Disney World in Florida....The kids are climbing the walls and sooooo excited!

Our family has been without water in our home since Wednesday morning. I guess the well pump, or the tank, or whatever, just decided this was a good time to test the wills of this already stressed out mommy! LOL

But we figured it would be an easy fix and headed to out much anticipated Urologist appointment. Poor Riley had a severe reaction to the procedure and we ended up in the Urgent Care, then in the ER....thus being old, it was a muscle spasm and kidney stone.

Thursday -- Still no water, and despite my best efforts and beating claustrophobia (trying to fix the well tank) we spent the evening making rounds, stopping first at Tina's for dinner and bath's for Brook and Rachel. (A BIG HUGE THANK YOU), and a load of laundry. Then to Linda's for the rest of the gang to shower up.....we finally got home at 930 at so, and the kids went right to bed.

Friday--still no water, but I called a few places, and I won't name names (Pat's Plumbing) was kinda rude to me, treating me like I was just some dumb woman, who couldn't possibly know ANYTHING about wells and pumps.....I mean, who was the one who climb her fat butt down that hole and spent a couple of nice cozy hours trying to fill the tank with air? MUAH! Thank you very much! I scheduled a service call anyway, and was told the call started at 100.00, no matter what.

Tina, gave me a few more numbers to call, and I got the best price when I called B&B plumbing....The guy was sweet and polite....and showed up a few hours after the call. I called the above non mentioned place (LOL) and cancelled the service call and told them I had some advice....that they needed to treat their women customers better...and reminded them that when people have good experiences with places, they tell one or two people...but when people have BAD experiences, then tell 10-20. :) Happy Blogging! heeheehee

I'm sooo ready for this vacation.

Another set of news, on a more serious note.....Bailey's MRI results, now requires us to see a Neurologist. Please keep her in your prayers. I will update everyone on her issues, as I learn more.

Thanks and God Bless

2 and half more days until Florida!

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  1. You made me smile and I thank you for that. United we stand as NF survivors!!!!!!!!