Monday, March 8, 2010


Whew...Trying to prepare for a trip for 8 people is NUTS! Of course, I think I make more work for myself than is necessary, but it's all good.

<--I am making these carry-on bags for the kids. They are the perfect size for coloring books, crayons and some treats.

I love doing stuff like this, but I swear, I totally stress myself over it, and I do this to myself in almost everything I do. My quest to make things "perfect" ends up falling apart and making me and everyone else miserable.

The kids are WAY excited! Nothing like this has ever happened to us before. So, I am trying to tone the neuroticness, and make it a happy time for everyone.

This week we have Dental, My eye appnt, Rachel's Eye appnt. Next week, urologist, Bailey's MRI, then we can breathe.....a week off! No appointments!

I can't wait!

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