Monday, March 8, 2010


Every evening we have our 'family meeting', where we share our day, pray and read from the bible. It's fun to connect with the kids and unwind from the busyness of our crazy schedules. Last night during our "High-Low" talk, we went around the room and it was the typical "my favorite part was school and the bus ride"....or "My favorite was dinner and playing video games."

When it was Rachel's turn, eyes widened and mouths dropped when she said, "My favorite part was, going with mommy, getting my tooth pulled and meeting a new friend!"

This child never seizes to amaze me. I have learned so much from Rachel....She sees good in everything....even with a mouthful of bloody gauze, she focused on the time her and I were spending together, instead of the pain she was in.

Children can teach us so much ...They have a way of looking at life in such a positive way. I am so proud of my kids :) Please check out my oldest daughter's blog about a child living with NF.

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