Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thriving Thursday

Well we had some good news at the Ophthalmologist today. First off....No more patching!!!!! Rachel HATED being patched...and I mean HATED! I practically had to hold her down and force her to wear the darn thing! We call that our "Mommy Torture"...LOL

During the exam Rachel was determined and focused and paid close attention. She read off the letters, only missing a few and going backwards on a few others. But for the most part, she did GREAT! The left eye is still seeing quite a bit different than the right, but the lenses that Rachel is wearing seem to be doing okay.

The reasons given to me by the doctor, for the vision loss (and she was sure to tell me that she had done some hefty research on our case during our 3 month time period) Was because of the complexity of Rachel's brain and how NF has affect her.

The brain tumor is one reason, but another reason is Rachel has underdeveloped corpus callosum and narrowing of the optic pathways. All of this is really not explained well by her it's very frustrating. But the Ophthalmologist says that her research shows this is very likely the reasons behind Rachel's vision loss.

But today's visit went well....we got answers, and the testing was at least as good as last time...and not worse!!

After dropping Rachel off we went to the store to pick up the parts to repair her bike and I promised to have it all finished when she got home from school.

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