Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thriving Thursday

I want to Thrive...I really REALLY do. But I tell you, some days....I just would rather jump off a cliff. The day started off, waking up to no water in the house! Ackkkkk! The well and the pump house has gone CRAZY!!!!

I needed to worry about that later, because Riley and Braden BOTH had urologist appointments that I had to race to. It's amazing just how much one depends on the water from the sink...LOL and I surely missed it this morning!

Baby wipes and bottled water got us through the brushing of teeth and the washing of hands....and I just ignored the mounds of laundry that is already beginning to pile up in the middle of the hallway. :)

We made it to the urologist where both Braden and Riley had to have a test called a VCUG.....Riley had to wait, while Braden went first. This test requires a very full bladder, so Riley was squirming around and very uncomfortable waiting her turn.

Both tests, came out as expected...although I was told for the first time that Braden has high blood pressure.....possibly caused from the increase in his ADHD meds....or NF, or the combination.

Riley will start "muscle re-hab" which means 6-wks of once a week visits to the clinic...Ughhh. But I hope this will help Riley, with her issues. (These issues are not NF related--Riley does not have NF)

After we left the urologist, we headed to take the kids back to school, when Riley began to scream in pain. Curled up against the car window, she cried all the way to Braden's school....I called the urologist and told them about Riley and they said she could be experiencing muscle spasms from holding in her urine for so long....and to give it an hour, she should be better. After the hour, she was WORSE! Another call, prompted me to take Riley into the Urgent Care clinic......Deer Park Urgent Care, sent us right out of there, to the ER.

SIX hours at the ER, we left with the same answers as when we went in. Severe muscle spasms. I hated leaving the ER with Riley in pain....I kept thinking..."What if this is something more... and these dumb Drs are missing it?" Everyone was ready to go, though....Brooklyn and Riker were winding themselves up in the separating curtain, and re-arranging beds....and pretty much bouncing off the walls.

We left....determined to figure out the water issue. I was feeling quite overwhelmed, but very grateful that something more wasn't wrong with Riley. It's 10pm and the water issue is still an issue---I won't be able to get to it until tomorrow.

These types of things make me feel extremely frustrated and I want to fix it, but I am totally helpless. I can't do anything at all to change this....grrrr makes me nuts!

I guess I still managed to Thrive.....I still managed our "Family Meeting" to talk about our Vacation coming up....Prayers, "High-Low" and give hugs and kisses....the kids thought it was fun to use bottled water to brush their teeth....we got through another day....and sometimes even when you just barely make it through your day....You Thrive.

Like the 'Little Engine that could'.....just keep going....and going...and going---or is that the Energizer Bunny? :)

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  1. I love your quote! And to answer your question it is the Energizer Bunny :). The Little Engine that could was I think I can, I think I can :)