Wednesday, May 19, 2010

MRI for Bailey

Poor she is scared. Now she knows what to expect during an MRI. She said to me that it wasn't the MRI that scared her, it was everything before and after. How true that is......the anxiety leading up to the exam, then the results that come afterwards.

She is so brave...

Today the MRI will focus in on the brain tumor on Bailey's auditory nerve. The last MRI detected the tumor was 1/2 inch in size ... but now we will learn, if this tumor is wrapped around the hearing nerves. If so, surgery will cause permanent hearing loss on her right side.....but leaving it there, could have far more devastating results.....double edge sword.

Neurofibromatosis has taken us down a road that is scary, yet we know things will be okay. We try not to focus in on all the doctors, MRI's, and the "what could happen".....We live for today, and today we are happy.

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