Saturday, May 15, 2010

Strange Dream I had

I had the weirdest dream the other night. I was being chased through thick and long grass by very large ants. (I think there were SIX of them at first *ha ha)As I was running, I kept looking back and seeing more and more ants. My heart was racing and I knew I was never going be fast enough to get away. One last slow motion look behind me and I fell into what seemed to be the anthole.
As I fell, I was grabbing for anything that would stop me from a very painful "THUD" when I hit the bottom. That THUD never seemed like it was going to happen, and I kept falling and falling. I began to look around me, at the walls of this eternal trap, and I saw flashes of my life.
These flashes did not make me feel happy, I remember thinking that I was perhaps falling into hell. Some of he images on the walls, were of me and my mother...Her anger and sadness was a big part of my life, and I hid most of my own feelings, fearing I was cause more damage to my mom.
More images flashed, of me growing rejected...taken advantage of. I began to cry out for someone to help me....
"THUD!!" I smacked the bottom of this hole with pounding force. But it didn't hurt. I looked up through this hole I had been falling down....The images were changing....I saw my children, marriage and playful times.
I didn't understand why this was happening to me, and even saw myself question what was going on.
A light began to fill the anthole and I was "lifted" back up through to the top and outside. Then I woke up....

I kinda took a lot from this dream....

1> Never eat anything REALLY sugary before u go to sleep
2> I am REALLY overwhelmed with stuff going on
3> Hitting bottom is sometimes necessary in order to truly understand how blessed you are--and the good and bad times make up a life lived....never a life wasted.

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