Monday, May 17, 2010

Take What You Want Tuesday!

My two-year old was hanging half upside down out of the shopping cart, while my five year-old was running up to the chocolate cereal. "PLEASE MOMMY? DADDY would let me!"
Sometimes I just can't resist saying no. It's like my reflexes seize up and I get intransed in my children's cuteness. "Alright, put it in the cart." He runs and slams dunk the bag of cereal, counting '20 million extra points', for knocking Brooklyn over and making her cry.
We continues our adventure, avoiding the candy and toys aisles....A simple "Ohh those aisles are closed for cleaning" seemed to work.
We passed by the bulk candy section, where there were about three children gathered around the gummy worms. I could tell immediately what was happening so we heading in closer to watch how this was going to play out.
I, myself have NEVER taken candy from the bulk candy section (hehehe)
When Riker and Brooklyn caught site of this wall of candy-heaven, their eyes lit up, and their mouths hung open! "WHOA Mom, look at all that candy! We NEED to get some of that!" Riker says to me. My eyes were still fixed on the three children who I just knew were going to get nailed for grabbing and gulping the worms.
I lifted Brooklyn out of the cart and told my kids that they could have ONE giant scoop, of whatever they wanted. As they headed over to the candy, a store worker came over and said "Hello....what's your favorite candy?" Riker thought for a second and blurted out "GUMMY WORMS!!!" Brooklyn, managed to get out "Chocolate Numm Nems (m&m's)!" The worker told my children , after winking at me, that they could have one big handful of any candy they wanted...I looked over at the three children, who were now walking to the end of the aisle, licking their fingers and giggling. "THANK YOU CHRIS!!" the children yelled.
My kids were ready.....They were built for this! Hands extended, Riker flexed his fingers. The store worker, Chris asked if they were ready. "YES!" they both screamed! Poor Brooklyn and her short, chubby little fingers dove into the bin and managed to pull out 6 M&M's! Riker on the other hand dug deep and pulled out about 30 gummy worms.
Chris helped the kids place the candy in bags, added another "handfull" to Brooklyn's and told us to "enjoy!" How was I to know that this was "Free candy Monday?!" I was half confused, half impressed with this little concept, and also wondering how many other chubby little fingers had dug deep for their candy, as I looked at my own, gulping down theirs.
The kids were so happy though! "Look at how much I got Mom!" Riker says to me. Brooklyn now sitting in the cart, happily mouthing her chocolate covered fingers.
The rest of the shopping trip went without any crying or begging....Not that I condone this kind of thing EVERY time, I thought once in a while....sure.

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