Monday, May 31, 2010

Thoughts on the Pod Cast Part One

It was so awesome to be a part of the Podcast that was aired on Monday! I felt honored when I was asked to be a part of NF Awareness! When I came in from doing the show, I got high fives all around!

I was very nervous to do this show, but also knew how important it was to help get the information out there, regarding this disorder.

I thought the show was awesome, and I am so proud of Mercedes Christensen for talking about her own story, as well as her two children, who all live with NF type one. I found her information uplifting and inspiring!

Stony Fletcher was an awesome addition to the show as well. Being a mother to children with learning difficulties, I was very interested in the information she gave. ALL children learn at different levels, and the ones with special needs, need to have extra attention, and definitely more patience given to them, in order to succeed in school. BRAVO Stormy for working hard everyday, and showing that learning challenges do not have to stop you from living a fulfilled life!

As for me, I kept second guessing myself, saying "Oh darn, I should have said this...or that..." But I felt good in general with the questions and answers!

Thank you all for your support....HUGS

Part two of this blog post will address more of the details of the podcast.


  1. I'm Sorry I missed it. I'm gonna listen now. There's just a certain feeling when hearinf the first broadcast.
    I really enjoyed my show.

  2. The Power of the Hug overrides the pain.