Monday, October 25, 2010

Fear- Thriving with Neurofibromatosis

When I was officially diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis in 2007 the world became a very dark and scary place.
Fear lives in the darkness, because the darkness hides our next steps from us, and demands that we move forward without security - are we moving on safe ground, tripping over a large tree root, or falling into a bottomless quicksand? It can lead us to simply stand there alone - without friends, without hope for ever seeing the light.

How do we escape? By calling out to each other - following the voices of one another back into the light of support, awareness, and education. By being willing to be heard, and hear others.

Fear cannot survive the light. The more information we expose ourselves too, about our conditions, about our options, about our next moves, the brighter our world becomes. For me, this is at the heart of Thriving. The more I reach out, the more of you I meet and interact with, the more encouraged I get. The more information I find and share, the more of you I hope to share my light with.

When we put all of our lights together, fear will have nowhere left to live. That's a world I can't wait to see.

Thrive on.

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