Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thriving with Neurofibromatosis....or whatever!

With so much going on with our family medically, it's very easy to get overwhelmed. The challenging things that the entire family faces is difficult to manage. I have found that oftentimes I just want to run and hide from these things.

Yet having an optimistic attitude and emitting positive energy is required in order to attract and create better life circumstances. I believe in the power of attraction. I believe in how you think having a 100% affect in the outcome.

I wasn't always like this though. Frankly, I might be the least likely person in the world to believe in any of this positive attitude stuff.

My dad used to force feed me 'Positive Thinking' books - 

I still remember him giving me the book "The Be Happy Attitudes" by Robert Schuller. I looked at it, read a little of it, and starting thinking, all right. I was thinking, "Gee, if this stuff works, why is my Dad the way he is? Why didn't my parents stay together? Why aren't we rich? It's easy for this guy to have a positive attitude - he's RICH! If I were rich I'd have a positive attitude too. Sheesh!"

Years later, my husband started getting into Anthony Robbins, and tried to get me on board with the ideas in "Awaken the Giant". Great... the guy with big teeth. What a farce. Another rich guy telling us how to live. It certainly wasn't going to help us. For years Rich has tried to get me on board with 'positive thinking', and for years, I resisted.

It wasn't until I realized my attitude about NF was paralleling my mother's attitude
 that I began to transform....that I began to choose to Thrive. Notice I didn't say 'began to Thrive', I said 'began to CHOOSE to Thrive'. That's what it is - a choice. Every morning, every minute. Through every roadblock. Through every victory. Through every ordinary NF filled day.
Here's the deal - I could see that having a negative attitude was working. Life sucked. I was depressed. Life seemed to get worse every day. If negative thinking works, why not positive thinking? Negative attitudes lead to negative actions. Positive attitudes should then, by definition, lead to positive action. Negative action leads to negative results. So positive action should lead got it...positive results.

I still struggle a bit with being positive. Even changing my language - instead of struggle, I should say strive to have a positive attitude. It's a minute by minute thing. I'm working through a program now called "The Secret Abundance Files" - something I never would have imagined doing in the past.

Changing the way you think is the key to changing the way you live. It is as hard or as easy as you choose to make it. You can choose to hide from the daily medical issues, from your attitude, even from the guy with the big teeth. But troubles will always find you. Instead of hiding, consider striving for a new outlook, a new attitude - take new actions and experience new results.
The choice is YOURS.
Thrive On!

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  1. Oh, hon, I needed a post like this! I am currently MISERABLE!!! My love life is wonderful and thriving, my home life is happy and I feel happy with myself, but that one thing, that one, little thing (my JOB) gets me down. It is just a terribly negative place to be. Toxic!! Taking a page from your book and trying to thrive a little more and be a little more positive!

  2. I am sad and lonely, and I have NF.