Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Health Care in America

Having Neurofibromatosis isn't easy. It's even worse when you have serious issues that require monitoring, but have no health insurance.

USNEWS.COM estimates that somewhere between 40-46 MILLION Americans have no health insurance. This is either because they cannot afford health insurance, do not qualify for it, or both.1 in every 6 people in the most abundant and blessed nation in the world!

I am one of those people who has to visit the "free" clinic in order to get health care and medication. There's nothing wrong with these clinics, but what does one do when something more than general care comes up? I require yearly MRI's to monitor my hydrocephalus and brain tumor, both directly related to Neurofibromatosis, but I continue to go without complete health care due to the GINORMOUS cost involved. My untreated headaches, vision loss, tumor growth...It's all very overwhelming.

I can hear the Canadians already - "Move up here! Free insurance!" But the trade-offs there are hidden not far under the skin, in terms of taxes, wait times, and the possibility of having to learn French, depending on what part of Canada I'm in :)

"Oh, but Obamacare is coming!" What does that mean, exactly? Isn't it here already? Can anyone tell me how to access it? Will he even be president long enough for it to become reality? Will the next government overturn the program?
But focusing on all the issues related to NF and no health insurance quickly pushes me in the direction I don't want go. Its too easy to let these fears and concerns beat me down. To worry about the tumor in my head instead of focusing on the drawings Brooklyn lovingly provides me. To fear the worst from NF when I could very well get hit by a car tomorrow. I won't sit back and do NOTHING in regards to my personal healthcare crisis, but I won't let it stop me from Thriving, either.

Whether it's the free clinic, volunteering for research, or paying, yes actually paying for the services I need in the coming months, I won't go without. Worrying will accomplish nothing, but faith? Faith conquers all.

Thrive On!

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