Monday, October 18, 2010

Leg Bowing in Neurofibromatosis

Rachel has been in physical therapy since she was in pre-school. The teachers noted that Rachel was not keeping up with her peers and having trouble with large motor skills.

The "wait and watch" approach was the best option, since Rachel did not appear to have anything physical going on.

Recently pain has caused us to undergo further testing. Rachel will fall down crying, grabbing her legs, refusing to walk. This was scary, not only for HER, but for us as well.

The blood results came back within normal range, but the xrays that were taken did show that Rachel has anterolateral bowing or pseudoarthrosis of tibia. While relatively mild, we were happy that we had an answer to why Rachel has been in pain.

Where we go from here, I am not sure...More "wait and watch" I am sure.

The unknown can be scary, but if we hide and avoid the potential issues we are also hiding from the possible solutions.

Thrive On!

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  1. Hopefully, the drs can give her something for the pain. Lots of loves, Miss Rachel! (((HUGS))) Tina