Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sometimes it's About ME!

 Anybody who has a child going through some kind of long term medical treatment knows, that it doesn't just affect the child going to and from the hospital...It Affects the entire family.

While so much attention is focused on the ill child, healthy siblings can be faced with emotional challenges and need some help in navigating the impacts on their sibling as well as the stress placed on parents.

The Children's Hospital-Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders clinic in Aurora Colorado, has an amazing program  for siblings of patients going through chemotherapy and has touched our family, in a big way.

A few months ago, Riley got to spend the entire day at the hospital to talk about how SHE is feeling and make friends who just "get it"...She created a wonderful project that was supposed to represent "her"..and how she feels about her life.

A few weeks ago, Riley attended the "Color Me Mine" event.  

Not every hospital has this program, but if you have a child undergoing chemotherapy, it is definitely something you should ask about.

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